Jessica and Danilo ~ Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland | Couple Photography


As many of you may know, I was in Northern Ireland last month attending the Burn workshop. And what a great experience that was. I not only learned a lot of new things in wedding photography but also met some amazing people in the process. And wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone that took the time to show me around, meet for coffee, talk story and letting me crash in their living room for a couple nights! Thank you!

Jessica and Danilo are married and terribly in love, they run a successful wedding photography/videography business and their work is amazing! They showed me around and even agreed on being in front of my camera. We went to this amazing location, a 1550’s Irish medieval castle – Dunluce Castle.

People in love are my favorite models. Here are a few photos from our session! Jessica + Danilo.



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