Deb & Jason | Motorcycle session ~ Maui, Hawaii

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Epic session on the roads of the upper west side of Maui. Deb and Jason are Maui residents and we actually know each other for quite a while now because Lahaina. When I learned they had cool motorcycles I mentioned we should do some photos. It was rad to document a little of their love for both each other and motorcycles. They are both boat captains. Jason is a fisherman and just bought a new business in Alaska which is rad! Deb is a potter, super talented photographer, seamstress. They met while working on sailboats here on Maui.

See some of my faves below!

Motorcycle maui26 Motorcycle maui25 Motorcycle maui24 Motorcycle maui23 Motorcycle maui22 Motorcycle maui21 Motorcycle maui20 Motorcycle maui19 Motorcycle maui18 Motorcycle maui17 Motorcycle maui16 Motorcycle maui15 Motorcycle maui14 Motorcycle maui13 Motorcycle maui12 Motorcycle maui11 Motorcycle maui10 Motorcycle maui9 Motorcycle maui8 Motorcycle maui7 Motorcycle maui6 Motorcycle maui5 Motorcycle maui4 Motorcycle maui3 Motorcycle maui2 Motorcycle maui1

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