Diana + Chris | Maui, Hawaii


A workshop for wedding photographers

February 20th, 2024

Kapalua, Hawaii

Alyssa + Nick

wedding Business and photography workshop

Tuesday, February 20th, 2024

9am - 7pm

Venue - Maui Pineapple Chapel

Kapalua, Hawaii

$1499 + Tax

20 seats only

Naomi + Derek

Our Workshop

Our wedding photography workshop is tailored for both new photographers entering the wedding biz and intermediate destination / travel photographers eager to enhance their skill set. Geared towards beginners, our curriculum covers branding, pricing, framing / composition, bringing attention to your subject utilizing your surroundings, posing techniques, enhancing the client experience and specific photography business FAQs.

What sets us apart:

  • Hands-on Learning: Practical, real-world experience for immediate application.
  • Experienced Mentors: Learn from accomplished wedding and destination / travel photographers.
  • Diverse Curriculum: Technical, creative, and business aspects covered.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with a community of like-minded individuals.
  • Portfolio Enhancement: Leave with a showcase-ready portfolio.

Join us to master the art of capturing timeless moments in weddings and travel settings..

Hey there, all you creative minds! Whether you're a local talent or someone from afar, this workshop is crafted just for you. If you're diving into wedding photography, making the leap from part-time to full-time, or aiming to elevate your wedding/couples portfolio with a touch of Maui charm, you're in the perfect spot. This experience is open to both locals and non-locals, so let's create some magical moments together, no matter where you call home!



We recorded a podcast talking about the amor workshop!

listen here

And I think you should totally give it a listen.

Jamie + Matthew

Maui Pineapple Chapel

Our workshop is set to unfold at the iconic Maui Pineapple Chapel, located in beautiful Kapalua in West Maui. Get ready for the ultimate vibe at Maui's go-to spot for weddings, social bashes, and corporate shindigs. This historic gem has undergone a slick modern makeover, decking out every nook with top-notch amenities. It's the perfect blend of history and hip – your event's next cool backdrop awaits!

Maui, a Hawaiian paradise, boasts stunning landscapes, from lush volcanic slopes to sun-drenched beaches. With cascading waterfalls and vibrant coral reefs, it's a haven for nature lovers. The island's cultural heartbeat echoes the spirit of aloha, inviting visitors to experience traditional ceremonies and the rhythmic sway of hula. Maui's beauty is not just in its scenery but in the warm embrace of its people, making every visit a memorable journey into Pacific tranquility.

This is maui

Lauren + Jessica
Diana + Chris | Maui, Hawaii



Hey there, it’s Rodrigo! Super stoked that you're here. I’ve been capturing moments on Maui since 2011, and my journey kicked off with shooting my first wedding (yep, for free) in that same year and it all just snowballed from there. I’ve been clicking away at weddings, couples, and families all over Hawaii, and I seriously love what I do. My photography vibe is a mix of romance and documentary – aiming to create galleries that play out like a movie, telling the beautiful story of a wedding day from start to finish.

I’m stoked to share the nitty-gritty of my process and spill the beans on how I’ve kept this photography gig thriving for the past 12 years. I can't wait to meet y'all

My topics for the workshop will be:

- Walking you through my workflow. Both from client first contact til gallery delivery and wedding day (from when I arrive for getting ready photos til the end of the day)

- How to stay inspired and fresh after shooting weddings for years.

- Pricing and how to charge for your services

- Website and branding - How as a wedding photographer we have to brand ourselves at a more personal way.


noun, interjection

  1. hello; greetings.
  2. farewell


  1. friendly; hospitable; welcoming: The aloha spirit prevails throughout the islands.

guest speakers


Matias Ezcurra

I have been photographing weddings for 10+ years, I am passionate about capturing my couples in a way that highlights their unique chemistry. Not one couple is the same and creating a fun space for them to be comfortable in their skin while in front of my camera is a priority.

Below are the topics I'll be covering:

  • Framing and composition. I will touch on a bunch of the basics of framing and composition first, some of the rules to keep in mind while taking photos. I will talk about the use of lead lines in your images, the meaning of it and how to bring more attention to your subject ( or direct the viewers eyes to where YOU want them to go within the frame)
  • Distractions and how they can diminish your work as well as using objects in the background to once again enhance your subject. We will dive into how to position your subject in your frame and how to use all of these things together in a way that can elevate your photo from an ok image to a gorgeous visually pleasing piece of art.

Website - https://matiasezcurraphotography.com

Instagram - @matiasezcurraphotography


Naomi Levit

Hey y’all! I’m Naomi. I'm an outdoorsy human who is absolutely in love with adventure elopements and small weddings. Nothing makes me happier than a day filled with adventures in wild places getting my feet dirty, breathing the fresh air, and connecting with like minded humans. Whether it’s in the mountains, the forest, or on the beach I am here for ALL of it! I’m a mountain gal but I’m also a beach gal, so I split my time between Alaska, Oregon, and Maui. I’ve received a lot of help from other photographers throughout the years growing my business and I’m so excited to finally share the knowledge I’ve gained with you!

In the workshop I'll be covering client Experience and turning your clients into friends

Why is this important? You will feel more fulfilled, you'll capture epic photos and help create an elopement day that flows easily because your clients trust you completely. Then you'll get 5 star reviews, receive amazing feedback, and clients will be referring you to other future clients!

In the beginning of my career I was shooting assembly line photography in Hawaii and it felt boring and meaningless. I knew I could do a better job serving my clients and feel more fulfillment with my career. So I hired a mentor and he helped me develop the key steps that help me create a relationship with my couples. I haven't received negative feedback since I started implementing this method and it's changed my business in a huge way!

Website - https://www.naomilevit.com

Instagram - @naomilevitphotography


JAmie Boyack

Ever feel allergic to accounting? I totally get it!

I’m a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) for photographers, helping small business owners to be fearless, and build careers out of their true passions!

With an accountant’s eye to detail, and an entrepreneur’s mindset, I have a knack for understanding my client’s visions.

I’ll provide you with customized accounting systems, to make sense of your finances, answer your questions, and guide you in becoming more financially fit.

I am… fuelled by black tea and protein powder. Often wearing leopard print. In love with the color orange, palm trees, travelling the world, and my French bulldog, “Nalu”.

I'll be covering everything money

Essential Foundations: Embrace 5 Non-Negotiables in your Photography Business with time for FAQS

Website - https://www.alohafridaycpa.com

Instagram - @jamie_boyack


Yup. We will serve lunch as well as snacks and coffee throughout the day

No refunds for tickets, but you can totally pass them on to someone else..

Right now, we're gearing up for two shoots: one for engagement/couples and the other for elopement. Keep in mind, the elopement shoot won't be a full-blown ceremony setup—think more Maui vibes with models rocking wedding attire. It's a killer chance to add Maui to your portfolio or if you live here to expand your elopement portfolio !

Lock in the date on your calendar, grab those flight tickets if you're not local, jot down your burning questions, and keep an eye out for some pre-workshop emails headed your way.

Pack the essentials: your laptop, a trusty notebook, a pen, and, of course, your camera gear (don't go overboard, just grab a body and a couple of lenses).

You can pay online using any major credit or debit card.

Still have any questions? Shoot me a message - [email protected]

thank you! We seriously Can’t wait to meet everyone and have an epic day!