My Presets

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Hey hey, thanks for your interest in my editing style. These are the presets I created and use to start editing all my images – There are two color presets and one black and white preset. It took me a long time to achieve this look, trying different presets and Lightroom tweaks  and I feel like I’m finally there and able to share with you all!


Please note that these presets are to enhance your photos. They have been tested by a few of the best photographers around and should work with most camera brands. For the presets to work you will need to start with a “good quality” photograph. The Lightroom presets are to be used with raw files instead of jpgs. These are not one click perfect edits. You’ll still need to tweak a few of the basics.




RM Light – It’s my go to for all my color photos. Settled, dark and warm tones. Tweak exposure, contrast and white balance accordingly.








RM Golden – My base for photos taken on or around sunset/golden hour.







RM B&W – All my black and white images are edited here. Contrasty and moody. Tweak contrast and exposure to your like.









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