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Maui Wedding Photographer

Rodrigo Moraes

This is your once-in-a-lifetime

Discover your own, personal paradise

This love... this moment... shared on this island. It’ll only happen this one time. So let’s document it, celebrate it. And in a way that speaks to you.

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That’s where I come in.

Together, we’ll craft a visual story that only you two and these incredible islands can tell.

Pastel sunsets & hidden beaches

Intentional vows & organic joy

Plumeria-threaded breezes & wide-open views

And you two, experiencing it all together on a day that will never happen exactly like this ever again.

Erica + Alex

Breathe in each moment

Tender, treasured, TRUE

I’m in, you?

“Rodrigo’s style of photography attracted us right away, and after speaking with him on FaceTime we were certain we wanted to work with him. He was so kind, calm, and laid back from the start and even offered to assist us with other logistics of our Maui wedding if needed, not just photography.”

— Chelsea




From your laidback, love-forward Maui photographer

If Maui were a person, they’d be a hopeless romantic.

So am I.

I approach your photography with the same dreamy, natural island feels that called you here. Chill and go-with-the-flow without ever sacrificing attention to detail or reliability. I’m stoked to be part of your day and help you document all the organic, authentic moments as you celebrate.

I’m based on Maui, but would love to join you wherever your wedding day takes you. Whether that’s across Hawaii, the continental U.S., or the far corners of the world.

Cheers to your perfect day

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Christina + Mark

Gorgeously, authentic imagery for all the folks searching out feeling

not just another photo-op

I think you and I will get along great

You deserve to remember this day

with every drop of love & happiness you felt in the moment

Jessica + JR

That’s why I subtly direct you toward moments that are warm, natural and true to this incredible island instead of blown out, bland and over-produced. (Using a flash on a sunny beach? Not gonna happen with me.)

I think that gives each photo intimacy and honesty. By focusing on your genuine emotion and the way you moved around each other and your environment, each image invites you to relive the memory of this one, wildly amazing day. They become a treasure to rediscover and hold dear.

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“Rodrigo’s color palette and composition is what first caught my attention. He has this ability to capture the whole experience in a really emotional way. Looking back at our photos, we can relive the way we felt in the moment.”

— Christina

The Heath Family


Looking for my maternity and family photography?

All the details to create a laid-back and authentic documentary session are right here.

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couple hugging on cliff ledge with ocean background

Take a big breath.

No, really.

I want you to exhale all that worry.

and inhale Hawaii’s unforgettable sense of aloha.

Now let’s start dreaming up the perfect way to tell your love story.

Drop me a line and let’s start dreaming

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