This is the art of

effortless, emotional


Lauren + Michael

It starts like this:

maui wedding photographer bio-1

Listening to you

Listening to what you want out of your wedding day and how you want to document it.

Listening for ways that I can help make it happen.

When I’ve gotten to know you and your needs, I’m able to help you feel relaxed and natural in front of the camera.

I might be a go-with-the-flow kind of guy—this is Hawaii, after all, where we’ve mastered the art of chill—but I am serious about helping folks like you get the images you deserve.

I am all in, no hesitations. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to see some of my sweet moves on the dance floor before the night is over.

Dance moves? Yes, please.

“Rodrigo CRUSHED it!!! He was incredible for a multitude of reasons. He brought the perfect energy to our wedding day — flexible, positive, relaxed, and so fun to be around. We didn't want him to leave because our guests all enjoyed him so much!”

— Paige


Warmth, art & love

They’re the heart of everything

I was born and raised on the beaches of Brazil. Romanticism is stitched into the fabric of life there. You hear it in the music, see it in the art, feel it in the community. Love is shown proudly. Warmth and open affection are everywhere.

Though I’ve now spent more of my life away from Brazil than in it, it still influences everything I do. First in Canada, then LA, and finally west to the islands, I’ve strived to live the romantic, vibrant, genuine life I first experienced there. In Maui, I’ve truly found a place that feels as much like home as Brazil.

Maui is the most romantic island, so I’m not surprised you’re coming here to celebrate your own love story. I can’t wait to welcome you here.

Ready to hear more? Let’s talk.





Crafting stories through imagery is the thing for me.

But I’m more than just a guy with a camera.

Here’s what gets me out of bed every morning

Rodrigo & fam 2!

Two cups of coffee (black) and a day spent exploring with my partner, Michelle, our son, Rio, and my daughter, Isabella.

Surfing, cycling, spending my days outside... it’s one of the reasons I couldn’t say goodbye to Maui after just a year.

Discovering new music and creating playlists for DJ sets (playlists that’ll fuel my editing sessions for your photos too).