How to elope in Maui

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So you want to elope? Epic! And you want me to photograph it?? Even more amazing. I’d be stoked!

I wanted to share a little information or tips about eloping in Maui, I think this post works for all Hawaii but since I’m based on Maui we will use the island of Maui as an example ( I said Maui 3 times in this sentence wow).


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Elopements are so special, I love everything about them, Just you two, being ourselves, in love, away from everything and everyone focusing only on each other and the love you feel.

The photos I usually make are very intimate and heartfelt, full of emotion and intimacy.

But before you consider eloping in Maui there are a few things you should know, and since photographing elopements (and weddings) I learned a few things that I want to share with you.


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1. Do Your Legal Homework

You don’t need much to elope in Hawaii, but you should make sure the main legal to-dos are in order. You need to make sure you have your officiant, marriage license, and location permit, which is usually provided by the photographer or planner.

I know when planning from far away a destination elopement you, sometimes, don’t have access to these type of information but just ask any of the vendors you’re working with, they’re usually familiar with all the dos and don’ts.


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2. Find the Perfect Location


When planning your Maui elopement, couples need to think about the location they want to have their ceremony. I recommend a more remote location, such as on top of a cliff in the middle of nowhere. However we have waterfalls, beautiful beaches, tropical jungles and even the top of a volcano. Share the vision you have of the perfect elopement and I’ll be sure to recommend locations accordingly. All beaches in Hawaii are public but not all allows wedding ceremony. I’d be also more than happy to share a list of beaches that you can have your ceremony at.


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3. Consider Lighting and Time


Even though the weather in Hawaii is nice year-round, the sun in Hawaii can be incredibly strong. Remember to bring your sunscreen, but you should also remember to plan your elopement depending on the sunlight you are trying to go for.

The lighting in Maui can be pretty harsh in the middle of the day. I recommend having your ceremony either close to sunrise or sunset.


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4. Do Your Research

I like to remind my couples that research is essential when trying to plan your perfect elopement in Maui or any other location in Hawaii.

Even though elopements do not require tons of planning compared to a big, traditional wedding, they do require some planning to achieve the look and feel you both want.Have clear communication with your elopement team.

I also run Elope in Hawaii and we help couples plan their elopements here – We do all inclusive packages so you can have a stress free experience.


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I truly hope this was helpful,

See you in Maui,


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