Wedding in Maui at the Pineapple Chapel | Lauren + Jessica

Photographing Lauren and Jessica’s wedding at the Pineapple Chapel in Maui was so exciting because this was my first gay wedding! I’m all about love no matter who you choose to love, so I was stoked when they picked me to capture their day. The vibe was so unique, and I felt like a part of their family. You’ll want to stick around until the end to see the day after “trash the dress” photos that we did!


So, I know you’re probably wondering how fate brought these two together. Well, it all began one night at R Place, a gay bar in Seattle with lively music and contagious energy. As Lauren made her way across the dance floor to grab another drink, her eyes met Jessica's, and a spark ignited. When Lauren returned from getting her drink, she mustered up the courage to say hi. Jessica warmly reciprocated, and from that moment on, their love story took flight. 

Let's fast forward to a dreamy evening in San Francisco. Jessica wanted an unforgettable engagement, and Lauren found the perfect spot. What could be more breathtaking than the iconic Golden Gate Bridge at sunset? Casting a glow as the sun set and their favorite song playing, Lauren read a heartfelt letter she had lovingly prepared. It was a perfect and memorable day for them!


Lauren and Jessica’s wedding day unfolded as we went into the emerald-colored jungle for first-look photos. Then we made our way to the ocean for some bridal photos before the ceremony. After, we headed to the historic Pineapple Chapel. They had an intimate ceremony with their closest family and friends and a friend as their officiant. The atmosphere was magical as everyone celebrated their union while enjoying the island life. To honor the drink that marked the first night they met, Lauren and Jessica raised their glasses for a heartfelt first toast, Jäger bombs in hand. 

If you've never experienced a "trash the dress" photoshoot, let me tell you, it's a fun sight. The bride embraces a sense of freedom and adventure, leaving behind the conventional feminine vibes and creating a memorable experience, especially with the assistance of the ocean. Capturing these moments was an absolute blast, as their energy and love lit up every shot. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been a part of their journey, preserving their memories.


If you're on the lookout for an LGBTQ-friendly wedding photographer to capture your love on the beautiful Hawaii islands, feel free to learn more about the wedding experience! I'm excited to meet you and your partner and can create an unforgettable day. To book your engagement session or Hawaii wedding at the Pineapple Chapel - let's make it happen right here!


Venue: Maui Pineapple Chapel

Reception: Merriman's

Hair and Makeup: Styling by Amber

Dress: The White Door

Florals: Dellables Floral Artistry

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