Maui Elopement at Sunset | Ironwoods Beach

I've mentioned it in several posts, but Ironwoods Beach is seriously one of my top picks for a Maui elopement. It's nestled in Kapalua, and whether you're dreaming of a cozy elopement or a stunning sunset wedding on the beach, this spot is just perfect. The photo ops are incredible, offering a variety of backdrops to match whatever vibe you're aiming for.

Kayla and Aleff have a fun story about how they met. Kayla had just moved in with a random roommate who turned out to be one of her besties. The roommate knew Aleff and was convinced they'd hit it off, but it wasn't until a year later that they met. When they finally did meet, sparks flew, and they hit it off right away. Aleff didn't waste any time and proposed during a hike while they were on the hunt for waterfalls. Kayla said yes, and the rest is history!

The Perfect Sunset Elopement Location in Hawaii

These two really connected with the warm, sunset-filled, golden-hour vibe of my editing style! They were drawn to that "moody feel" and felt we'd be a great match. Their elopement was incredibly intimate, just the two soaking in the moment.

The sunset photos turned out stunning. We explored several locations, each with its unique feel, like the lush jungle, serene beach, and the dramatic cliffs at Dragon's Teeth. This is exactly why I love this spot—it offers such a variety that you end up with a gallery full of options!

Maui Elopement Photographer | Rodrigo Moraes Photography

Do you want to see the vibes for a morning elopement? Check out this sunrise elopement we did in Kapalua with Stefanie and Jason! As an experienced Maui elopement planner and local, I'd love to help plan your dream day. We have several package options, so if you're ready to get more details, click here!

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