Andaz Maui Micro Wedding | Lauren + Kevin

Lauren and Kevin had their Maui micro wedding at the Andaz, a fantastic spot for wedding ceremonies if you're planning a Hawaii wedding. They discovered me on Instagram, and I'm stoked that my images resonated with them. It was a beautiful day filled with love and happiness, shared with close family.

Lauren and Kevin's story began at work. They kicked things off as work buddies, upgraded to best buddies, and eventually, Lauren realized that she was always happy when she was with him or thinking about him. Kevin popped the official question to be his girlfriend at his family cottage, a spot filled with many memorable moments for them.


The night before Kevin planned to propose, while driving to the cottage, Lauren casually mentioned that she wouldn't mind skipping marriage, a house, or a ring. What really mattered was staying together. Unaware to her, Kevin had other plans. He skipped breakfast the next morning and insisted on gluten-free crackers for a charcuterie board, using the excuse of needing a drive with his mother for a pep talk after Lauren's comments. Upon returning, he changed into a bathing suit and an unusually nice shirt. Despite Lauren's comment on his outfit, he suggested a boat ride to their special spot in the middle of the lake. With "Lost Stars" playing (their song from an early date), he surprised her by proposing on the boat. A simple boat ride turned into a memorable moment.


For the ceremony, Kevin did the Jewish "breaking of the glass" tradition. He stomped on a glass to symbolize how relationships can be fragile. It's like saying, "May our marriage never break as this glass just did." The crash marks the end of the quiet wedding moment under the chuppah (traditional Jewish wedding arch). Then everyone cheers, claps, and shouts, "Mazel tov!" After that, they signed the marriage license and ketubah, the unique artwork they chose. After the ceremony, it was cocktail o'clock, and then the reception jumped into full swing with dancing. They nailed the first dance, shared sweet father-daughter and mother-son dances, and threw in some speeches for good measure. Just good vibes all around.

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